How To Be A Filmmaker

We often get kids reaching out to us to how they can get started in filmmaking. Based on our experience, this is what we think: Suitability: Not all kids suit being on a film set. To be a member of crew (or cast), you have to be able to concentrate for long periods of time. […]

Want A Start in Acting?

Want To Be A Film or TV Actor? Unlike film crew, there are hundreds, even thousands, of acting schools around. So how do you choose which one to join?

Writing Film Scripts

With easier access to cameras and the ability to share your work on YouTube, more & more kids are making movies. Some movies, though, are told way better than others! Our Top 2 Screenwriting Mistakes. In our experience, the top 2 mistakes kids make with scriptwriting are: Top Mistake 1: Don’t Tell Me, Show Me! […]

Choosing a Camera for Kids

From time to time, we get asked about the choice of cameras for kids. Firstly, unless your child is really serious and they have maturity with using expensive and complicated equipment, keep it simple. Cameras are not toys. For the majority of kids, we suggest getting them started with phone or tablet cameras before really […]