Want A Start in Acting?

Want To Be A Film or TV Actor? Unlike film crew, there are hundreds, even thousands, of acting schools around. So how do you choose which one to join?

You must learn acting technique to have any kind of future career in TV or film. Not all schools teach technique – so look for a school that teaches method acting, such as Stellar Adler, Meisner or Strasburg programs.

In terms of getting to know your way around a film set and getting used to cameras, nothing beats experience.

Getting Experience:

How can you get experience when you’re not experienced? Like many professions, you have to work your way up. It can take years to master the craft of acting.

If you’re really keen on acting, you can get a group of friends together to make a film (that’s how Far Out Films got started) or create a profile on Starnow, which is an inexpensive online casting board that allows you to apply for castings. Make sure you have a good headshot and, if you can, record yourself on video and upload this to your profile too. It doesn’t need to be professionally shot, but keep it short.

And keep applying for roles.

Please note: Children will always need a guardian’s approval for casting.

Keep Expectations Real.

Know in advance that you’ll be rejected many more times than you get cast. Someone once told me actors get 1 role in 100 auditions.

We can’t speak for casting directors, but from a production point of view, often the reason an actor or actress won’t be cast is because we are looking for something specific.

We might need blonde hair, or brown eyes, or an actor 4’6”- 4’8” maximum.

So if you don’t get cast, know that the decision to cast a different actor may have nothing at all to do with your talent, but everything to do with a production’s need for specific looks. Maybe we need to match a child to an adult actor, therefore, we’ll try to find a child that looks like the adult. There is nothing any actor can do about this, so don’t sweat it. The important thing is not to take rejection personally, it’s just part of the process.

If you’re just getting started, and want to know what acting is like, apply for some “extra” roles just to get the experience on a film set. This will tell you whether it’s really something you want to do. A film set means a lot of hanging around doing nothing – and then doing the same scenes over and over again until the producer or director is happy with them.

And the last great thing you can for yourself? Watch our Creative Kids episode on acting!

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